To meet both your current and future needs, your web hosting package needs to be scalable, usable, secure and cost effective .

The main points to be considered when building and hosting your web site are:

  • Web Hosting. Everything your website needs to perform at its best and to maximise your return on investment.
  • Room to Grow. Our hosting packages are designed to scale with the size of the website and the number of visitors.
  • Ease of Use. Our web hosting packages are designed to be easy and intuitive to use. You can change anything you want using your own custom control panel.
  • Speed Matters. Visitors and Google demand quick websites. Our hosting packages are designed to be quick ,we use the latest hardware and software so that your website responds as quickly as possible.

Web Hosting with northCloud is designed to be:

  • Cost Effective. Running a website need not cost a fortune, nor should it be cheap and come with a second rate service. – We offer professional solutions which are cost effective and affordable.
  • Safe and Sound. Your website holds your data which your business relies on. – By using the latest hardware, software and security measures we work hard to make sure you website is safe and secure.
  • Host Anything. Web hosting can involve various programming languages, which all require different web hosting solutions. With pre-installed Windows and Linux hosting platforms we can host any website¬†regardless of how it is built.
  • Databases & E-commerce solutions. MySql is a popular database which powers the majority of websites on the internet today. All our hosting packages include a pre-installed setup that is optimised and ready to go.
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