Backing up to a cloud based location allows you to secure any and all data which you may want to secure.

You can backup your server and / or any number of workstation PC’s – on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – depending only on your requirements
Backup solutions hosted and managed by northCloud – Use us as your online backup service provider – Many additional benefits including;
  • UK based (we are a UK company and your data is stored only in 24 hour UK based data centres)
  • Support (our technical support is UK based and available via a dedicated help-line, mobile and email)
  • Data Protection (your data is fully encrypted and protected even before it leaves your computer)
  • Ability to cancel (you are not locked in to lengthy contracts and billing is quarterly and paid via BACS)
  • Confidence (our fully managed and monitored service is unrivalled)

What this all means for you

Backup Solutions using northCloud’s managed and hosted backup services – means your invaluable business data will always be protected – you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that in the event of a disaster – your data can be recovered “quickly” and your staff can be working again – right away

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