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Systems Maintenance

Systems maintenance is vital to the efficient running of your IT system and is a consequence to your business.

At northCloud clients can be assured of a first class service, encompassing both hardware and software.

A solid IT systems maintenance plan requires several basic steps;

Preventative maintenance allows us to keep your systems operational and usually at a fraction of the cost compared to branded services from the manufacturer. Timely maintenance can play an important part in extending the working life systems that may otherwise result in costly replacement.

  • Firstly we identify the frequency of general maintenance
  • We then conduct a thorough examination of the network – checking server log files, hard disk space, folder permissions, and redundancy
  • Security and application functionality should also be examined – security patches should be installed on all computers within the network to ensure that data is secure
  • Anti-virus protection – check to ensure that antivirus software is updated on all of the computers in the network
  • A comprehensive ‘backup plan’ should also be included – In the event of a system failure, the backup data will be vital in restoring the systems

This review typically also includes monitoring network temperature applications to ensure that any server(s) do not overheat. At the same time any essential service packs and software updates should be installed on the network