We are dedicated to supporting small and medium sized businesses with IT support and IT consultancy solutions.

We pride ourselves on offering superb levels of service which cannot be matched by our larger competitors.

We treat each client individually – initially working with a customer to gain an insight into their possible IT support needs – which then enables us to deliver a unique IT and network support service.

At northCloud we fully understand the problems that can be caused by preventable IT support problems – so in practice we offer more a pro-active on-going problem prevention scenario – rather than simply offering a re-active ‘break-down’ service.

IT Support provides cover for all or any of;

  • Software Support (application software or specific items)
  • Hardware Support (system and/or component replacement)

and offers problem reporting via –

  • Hotline support – a dedicated line connecting you to a support technician
  • Mobile Phone Support – get hold of us any time
  • Email support – for general enquiries or lodging a Support Ticket

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